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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Interview with Marisa Lauren

COF: Marisa, you have a remarkable list of projects under your belt- can you tell us a bit about your experience on the popular 90s show "Clarissa Explains It All"?
ML: Thank you so much!!! "Clarissa" was actually the 1st show I ever did. I was so thrilled to guest star on it. I was super young and a huge fan of the show and Melissa Joan Hart. She was so incredibly sweet. She was older than me and could tell I was really nervous, so we hung out in the dressing room for a bit just chatting like typical girls, and then all of a sudden wasn't so nervous anymore :) It was a great experience!

COF: You play Lacey in the popular CWKids show "Kamen Rider", can you tell us about your character and the show its self?
ML: "Kamen Rider" is a really great kids show made for mostly teenage boys. There are only 2 female leads in the whole show which are myself, and the character Mya. My character was definitely the comic relief. I love comedy, and I usually play more dramatic characters, so it was a nice change.

COF: Can you tell us a little about your appearances on "90210" and "Greek"?
ML: I guest starred on "Greek" first. I appeared in 3 seasons of that show. I absolutely love "Greek". The writing is excellent and the diverse cast was amazing to work with. Just a really great bunch of people on that show… in front of & behind the camera.
"90210" was very quick for me. I only guest starred in 2 episodes, but it was also a lot of fun. I was already friends with Jessica Lowndes because we had played best friends on "Greek", I had worked with Jessica Stroup a few years prior on a movie, and I knew Shenae Grimes from us both working on "The N"…she was on "Degrassi", and I was on "South of Nowhere" at the same time.
So, after already knowing half the cast I felt very comfortable working on that set, and had a fabulous time.

COF: What is Private HighMusical, a project that also stars everyone's favorite principal Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding?
ML: "Private High" was a project created by my good friend Taryn Southern. We were hoping for it to be picked up as a TV series, but unfortunately it didn't get that far, but i was able to work with my best friend Lauren Mayhew, and my best gay Percy Rusty, so I think by far it was one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever done.

COF: Are you working on any new projects?
ML: Yes, I have 2 films that I am currently working on. Unfortunately, I can't give anymore information on them, but as soon as I can you guys will be the very 1st to know!!!!

COF: What was the experience like working on the following series: "Charmed", "One on One", and "American Dreams"?
ML: "Charmed" was awesome cause I was a fan of the show. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play a witch or anything cool like that, so that was a bummer. "One on One" was great because Tim Meadows had me laughing the entire time on set. He is absolutely hilarious. And "American Dreams" was one of my most favorite projects because it took place in the 60's and they completely changed my look so I could fit in with the era. At the time I had hot pink hair, so they put a black wig on me, false lashes, and orange lipstick. It was awesome! At the end of the day I took it all off, stepped out of my trailer, and no one recognized me. I was standing right next to the rest of the cast and they kept asking around if anyone had seen Marisa…lol. It was the best!

COF: What is "Left in Darkness" about?
ML: "Left in Darkness" is a horror film. I can't tell u much else cause I never saw it…lol.

COF: Can you tell us a little about the first job you ever got while in La La Land?
ML: The 1st job I had in LA was a guest spot on "Saved by the Bell: The new Class". It was a great gig, but by that time there was no Zach Morris, so I was a bit disappointed, but there was Mr. Belding :) Dennis actually remembered me from "Saved By the Bell" when we worked together on "Private High". I was quite impressed! 

COF: What have you been up to while not auditioning or working?
ML: Right now I am mostly focused on my music. I am a songwriter and musician way more than an actor. I went to school for music. It's my biggest passion.

COF: If you could pick any actress, singer, and actor to work with- who would you choose and why?
ML: Pat Benatar or Tina Turner. They are 2 of the 1st women of Rock. They have influenced my career choices more than anyone can imagine. I would die to work with or even just meet either of them.

COF: If you weren't film/television or music industry what would you be doing?
ML: I'd probably be a lawyer. My brother is one, and it seems quite easy….Ha, I'm only kidding. Really though, I love to argue. I'm very good at it.

COF: Your song "Unbelievable" can be heard on the popular daytime soaps "Guiding Light" and "General Hospital", what is your inspiration when writing songs?
ML: That song in particular was about a boyfriend at the time. Most of my songs are about people or relationships. 

COF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to move out to LA to pursue a career in performing?
ML: LOL….don't do it! Once again kidding. This industry is extremely difficult. You have to be 100% positive that this is something u want to do. You have to have thick skin. You have to not be afraid of the word NO 'cause you're gonna hear it a lot. And above all else you must be patient and fearless.

COF: Fans can actually purchase some of your music from iTunes, will you be adding your new single to the list? 
ML: I will be releasing an entirely new album, and the new song will be included. It's gonna be killer! I think all of you are gonna love it! At least I hope ;)

COF: What will the title to your new single be?
ML: My newest single is called "So Damn Good". The one to follow is titled "Blood".

COF: If you ever had to make a choice, would it be music or film?
ML: Music for sure. It's my own creation since I write all my songs. Film is written by someone else. You are playing a character that was thought up in someone else's head. Film and TV are a lot of fun, but I do love creating more.

COF: Will fans see "Thats So Gayven" revive at all?
ML: Haha…I'm sure Percy would say YES! I love "That's So Gayven". It takes no effort at all, and it's completely pointless. So hopefully we'll continue with it.

COF: What has been your favorite item you have received from a fan? Creepiest?
ML: Favorite item…an awesome bracelet. Creepiest…a guy sent me a picture of himself with my head on another girl's body, and he had us making out…so gross!

COF: What kind of genre will your next album be? - Fan (Twitter)
ML: Rock/Pop

COF: What music producer do you dream of working with one day? - Fan (Facebook)
Trent Reznor….LOVE him!!!

COF: (FINAL QUESTION) Any final words for your fans?
ML: My fans are awesome!!! You guys have stuck with me through so many various projects and have been so supportive and loyal. Thank you so much!!!! xxxxxx

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