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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interview with Quentin Price

COF: Can you tell us a little about your guest appearance on "Without a Trace"?
QP: Without a trace was fun. It was a one day spot. I got to work with amazingly
talented and well respected people. Jeannot szwarz who directed jaws 2 among many 
other projects. I was in a brief scene with Roselyn Sanchez and Marianne Jean Baptiste. It was a great experience.

COF: Can you tell us about your experience on the set of "Friday After Next"?
QP: Wow Friday was my first official job in the industry as an adult. I auditioned with what seemed like hundreds of other people for one brief scene. I was ecstatic upon getting the offer. It was surreal I mean I grew up listening to NWA and Ice Cube  now I was going to be in a scene with the hip hop and entertainment legend along with  one of the funniest people in the world in my opinion Mike Epps. Mike was cool as  the other side of the pillow. He allowed us to kick it in his trailer. The filming of the  scene was fast paced and fun. And getting to watch Mike improv was priceless. That was  the best first experience I could ask for. I'm still good friends with Allen Maldonado it was  both of our first official sag jobs. Hollywood is a small place.

COF: Are you working on any new projects?
QP: Im developing a couple of scripts, I don't want to tip my hand but I will keep everyone posted.
I have had a a myriad of seemingly random things that I witness or that happen to me. So the only real challenge is picking which  story to tell first. I will definitely keep those who pay attention to my career posted.

COF: Can you tell us a little about the first job you ever got while in La La Land?
QP: Well I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my life, my first official job was an Exxon gas commercial when I was a baby. As I was a toddler I dont remember much. My first job as an adult was Friday After Next, I hope that I will get to work with them again. Working in an environment like that makes it easy to be creative and come up with special moments on film.

COF: What have you been up to while not auditioning or working?
QP: Well I work at a Middle School with the Physical Education department, and I coach basketball about one to two seasons out of the year. So that stuff keeps me busy but I still find time to read, and play a lil Xbox from time to time.

COF: If you could pick any actress and actor to work with- who would you choose and why?
QP: Well I have been blessed already to work with some really amazing actors and actresses just by chance. But if I were able to choose...
I would say Don Cheadle would be my first choice, I not only respect his immense talent and ability to affect and move an audience but the  way he has crafted a truly diverse career and has owned every character that I have seen him play. He has always retained an affable yet higly respectable demeanor. 

And as for actresses...
I was actually disappointed I didn't get more scenes with some of the amazing actresses we had on SoN, I was blown away multiple times while watching filming. But if I could choose someone who I havent met, It would be Jurnee Smollet. Her performance in "Great Debaters" was heart wrenching. There are very few times I can remember watching someone and being truly emotionally affected by a performance. Hers was one of few.

COF: What was your experience like working on "Criminal Minds"?
QP: Interesting, and enlightening. Again I was able to work with experienced actors, Its a treat to see people like Joe Mantegna or Erika Alexander who I grew up watching on Living Single, in their element and focussed. The Director Rob Hardy is a no nonsense, guy that gets the job done. I learned alot from him as well. It was a great experience. Oh and I also got to ask Shemar Moore about  his incident with DJ Quik. Funny story.

COF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to move out to LA to pursue a career in performing?
QP: I would tell them to ask themselves what it is they really want. In today's day and age it isnt imperative to move anywhere.
I think if you are an actor trying to move to LA that isnt enough. You have to have at least two other skills, writing, editing cinematography. If you don't have these skills combine with the other talented people in your area make your own well thought out projects. Talent and creatvity get rewarded, but that reward may not be monetary at first. You must have passion patience and persevereance. 

COF: Do you still keep in contact with any of your former cast members?
QP: I still have most of my castmates info. I see Danso at auditions now and then we are still real cool. I still see Gabby periodically, and its been a while since ive seen Mandy and Valery but we correpsond in other ways so I don't feel too out of touch. Austen emails me from time to time and ive been meaning to get up with Matt as well.

COF: What/ who is your biggest inspiration in life and why?
QP: My parents first and foremost but honestly I learn from everyone I have come in contact with. My Best friends my family,  I believe everyone is in our life for a reason so I am a tapestry of lessons from all who I have met. and I thank all of you!

COF: Do you belong to any social networking sites, and do you accept fans on any of them? 
QP: Twitter, Im on Facebook but I try to keep it small, Id rather be hit up on Twitter. Unbantheqman

Valery Ortiz (Madison from South of Nowhere) had the following question for you: 

COF: What was your favorite episode of SON?
QP: When Madison got kicked off the cheerleading squad. Ha! Just kidding, Its hard to choose, either the first episode or the last episode. The first one because I loved the dynamic between Danso, Austen and my character. Three young black guys and they all had different perspectives looking back on it, it was a small dose of The Boondocks Austen's character was Huey Freeman, my character was Riley, and Danso's character was like the neighbor Tom. Hillarious. I felt that should have been explored more but...ah well.  The last episode because my character finally changed and it was just a pleasure to have him "grow up" a little so to speak. Plus that was I think the first time I had a scene with Gabby, crazy after 3 years ha!

COF: If you could switch and be a different character on the show (SON), what would it be? Why?
QP: I truly believe I could have played any of the male roles on there with the exception of Matt's character, he had taking his shirt off down to a science. I have facets of Clay Sean and Boz. I would have enjoyed any of them but ultimately I am glad for Boz it was a fun part to play, Whenever I was on set you knew something was going to happen. I was the X factor.

COF: If a TV show was produced about your life, right now, what would it be called?
QP: Funnier than fiction. I find myself in situations sometimes and ask myself how in the world am I right here right now? Astounding. But Ive had an exciting ride and it is just getting started!


COF: What kind of music are you listening to? - Fan (Twitter)
QP: Im a hip hop head, a purist if you will. I love 90s hip hop, lots of west coast, some reggae and dancehall. Im not big on alot of the new artists, I do like Janelle Monae, truly progressive stuff. and Big Boi from OutKast's new album Sir Lucious Left foot. I loved the time when hip hop was still free and diverse, It feels fettered now(mainstream that is) 

COF: Do you have a favorite television series or film? - Fan (Twitter)
QP: Matrix because it is as relavent now as when it came out. I also love Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, and Coming to America

COF: What made you accept the role of BOZ in SON?- Fan (Facebook)
QP: Well It was an audition so I try to book everything I audition for. But it presented a unique opportunity to channel situations I had been in and people I had known in to art and positivity. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity, I hope I was able to bring some depth to him. It was just  a tremendous opportunity from the Production people to the actors and crew, to me it was family and I wouldnt trade those years for anything.

COF: How does it feel knowing you were a part of an amazing show such as SON? - Fan (Twitter)
QP: Just the fact that people still remember and were affected by it it really want you aim for as an actor. A job is one thing, but how many times can you really say you worked on something impactful that will get seen the world over. I have had people from South America, to the Phillipines contact me because of South so it was truly an honor that I hope I did justice. I would love for some of us South people to get together and collab on something, I think it would be fun!

COF: (FINAL QUESTION) Any final words for your fans?
QP: I have fans?! where? Ha, Just kidding. For those that pay attention to my career THANK YOU I cant write it big enough. My dream is just to affect people through art and just someone telling me they enjoyed my performance means more to me than any check. Please do help support and be honest about any future projects I do, if they suck tell me, if they are awesome spread it to your friends. Add me on twitter and feel free to hit me up, im told im a fun guy, or that I smell like fungi, ah well. It was a Pleasure CoF thanks!!!!!!

Thanks to Quentin for talking with us, SONonline with reposting interview info on twitter, and Valery Ortiz for her wonderful questions.

Twitter information for those mentioned: <- Quentin Price <- Valery Ortiz <- South of Nowhere Online

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