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Monday, June 7, 2010

Interview with Danso Gordon

COF: Tell us a little bit about your new film "The Binds That Tie Us".
DG: It’s about physical abuse in relationships...domestic violence. A friend of mine shot the trailer and is now shopping around for funding.

COF: You can be seen acting along side former co-star Matt Cohen in the film "Dark House", can you tell us a bit about this film and your character?
DG: Yeah, working with Matt again was a lot of fun. It was like going to a new school and not being the only new guy, lol. I didn't know he was gonna be in the film until the night before the table read and I just happened to look at the cast list...good times. The film is about a group of actors that are hired to work in a haunted house...then people start dying. I’m glad the black guy didn't die first ;)

COF: Can you tell us a little about your 2008 film "Blu_Scrn"?
DG: Yeah, it’s a short film that a buddy of mine wrote & directed about the power of technology. I played a cop.

COF: From 1998 - 2000 you starred in "Hang Time", what was that experience like?
DG: The BEST experience of my life, period. Hands down! Sometimes I sit back and smile at how much fun we had...we worked our asses off but we played just as hard. I’m surprised we even got paid! It was like summer camp on set...I have tons of love for everyone on that set, from the janitors to the creator. Great experience that I’m very grateful to have had.

COF: Are you working on any new projects?
DG: I’ve been working on getting my own projects off the ground as far as directing & writing. One of my dreams would be to have the opportunity to direct/produce independent features for a living...that would be awesome.

COF: You starred in the popular "ZOOG Disney" show "In A Heartbeat" a tv series about high school students that also serve as EMTs, can you tell us about your experience filming this series, the cast, and your favorite memory from set?
DG: Yeah, we shot back in my hometown of Toronto. That was a surreal feeling to be able to go back home and film a series...awesome feeling and experience. Great cast, loved everybody...I’ve been blessed that every series I’ve worked on the cast was amazing. It was fun playing an EMT because at the time I was a Biology major at UCLA so I felt really qualified to play the role. My best memory on set? Besides cracking jokes and forgetting our lines, lol....hmmmm good question, I guess it was shooting the pilot episode. There was this one scene I had where I see this young kid in a gurney and everything goes in slow motion...I believe they played Maxwell’s “this woman’s work” behind it. They shot the sequence extremely well.

COF: Can you tell us a little about the first job you ever got while in La La Land?
DG: My first job ever was when I played Buddy #1 on “American History X”...I only had about 2-3 lines but I was on cloud 9. I remember getting the phone call that I got the part and I literally fell to my knees and thanked God! I was a 17 year old kid from Canada so it all seemed so unreal to be here in LA and about to actually act on a professional set. Great moment.

COF: What have you been up to while not auditioning or working?
DG: I’m a I’m usually at the gym running and lifting weights or at the boxing gym (when I’m not injured). Also, I started a clothing line as a hobby and started putting more time and effort into’s been a lot of fun. Besides that I’ve just been working on getting behind the scenes more as I mentioned earlier...directing and writing.

COF: If you could pick any actress, singer, and actor to work with- who would you choose and why?
DG: I’d love to work with my favorite director Inarritu and Sean Penn. Inarritu because he seems like he gives his actors freedom to play around with the just seems like he understands how to create real moments on film and capture that. That moves me as an actor and director...raw, honest and real emotions. Gives me goosebumps. Also, his gritty camera work is amazing to me. Huge fan of his work. And Sean Penn is...well, Sean Penn. I cant remember him ever having a false moment on-screen. 

COF: If you weren't film/television industry what would you be doing?
DG: I would have more than likely become some type of doctor or a businessman. If I didnt go to school I’d probably would have joined the army and/or become a boxer.

COF: For those who haven't heard yet you branched out in the Director/Writer's seat of film-making for the 2007 indie film "Cole", can you tell us about how it felt to be behind the camera this time around?
DG: It was pretty scary at first but once we began filming things became comfortable and we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it...I have a huge respect for Actors. Actors put their hearts on display every time they step in front of a camera. One of the main reasons why I wanted to direct is because of that respect.

COF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to move out to LA to pursue a career in performing?
DG: I applaud you for your courage. Follow your heart and be around people that will encourage you...good, positive people.

COF: We have seen a couple of Danso posers surfacing on the social networking sites, specifically Myspace, what goes through your head when you see and hear of them?
DG: It doesn't bother’s actually quite flattering that someone would take the time out to create a Danso Gordon page. I don't see myself as a celebrity I simply see myself as a kid from Canada who happens to act for a it's flattering.

COF: What has been your favorite item you have received from a fan? Creepiest?
DG: Years ago a fan gave me a wooden bracelet, she was a sweetheart...I’ve kept it till this day. As far as creepiest? nothing really crazy thankfully.

COF: What is your favorite movie? - Fan (Facebook)
DG: By far...Braveheart. I must’ve watched that film 18 times by now. The whole idea of believing in something so much (like love) that you’ll die for it fascinates me...I believe we all want to be heroes in our own way and that film has really inspired me.

COF: Can you tell us a little about your involvement with Caleb Production? - Fan (Facebook)
DG: Yeah, it’s been a long dream of mine to direct and produce independent films and make a living doing it. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to do that in the future with caleb productions.

COF: Are you single? - Fan (Twitter)
DG: I am.

COF: How does it feel that after a long time DARK HOUSE is finally going to be released? - Fan (Twitter)
DG: It feels great...had a great time shooting the project and I’m glad we got distribution.

COF: What television series would you like to guest star on one day? - Fan (Email)
DG: I don't really watch tv to be honest, not much of a fan...I really love watching film. If I do watch tv it's to watch boxing and the occasional reality show. Years ago I remember being obsessed with “the practice” and “felicity”...or maybe I was just obsessed with Keri Russell, lol...not sure. I also really liked shows like “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights”. Would of loved to be on either one of em.

COF: (FINAL QUESTION) Any final words for your fans?
DG: Thank you guys for all the love :)

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