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Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Aasha Davis

1: What was the first job you had in LA?

Maaaan! I had a lot of jobs at first!! I guess, my first 'real' job was as a production assistant on a late-night talk show (which is now off the air). I basically took care of the music acts. I would have to get Mary J. Blije water or order chicken and waffles for Snoop and his entourage.

2: What was it like working on “Gilmore Girls”?

Ah-may-zing!! It was one of my first acting gigs and I was SO nervous and excited.

3: You have appeared on three of the biggest medical dramas in the history of television (with the exception of certain soaps).What was it like working on “House”, “ER”, and of course “Grey’s”?

I really loved my role on House. I worked so hard on that episode. I finally felt like I got a chance to be an important part of a story-line. And working with Hugh Laurie was like a dream.  He is such a delightful actor.

ER was a whole lotta laughs.  John Leguizamo rocks and Ellen Degeneres was shooting her show on set that day.  Fun, fun, fun!

Grey's was the first time that I was offered a role.  After paying my dues for so long it felt AWESOME! Playing mega-pregnant was kinda cool too!!

4: You had a reoccurring role on the recently ended “Friday Night Lights”, what was that experience like for you?

My role as Waverly Grady was an actor's dream. I still pinch myself, I can't believe I got the opportunity to play an original character with such a challenging complexity. Gaius Charles was a hard-working, creative force to work with.  It was such a privilege to work with amazing writers and directors like Stephen Kay and Jeffrey Reiner. I fell in love with Austin, Texas too!!

5: If you could choose a current television series to guest star in, what would it be and why?

Ooooh that's a hard one I have so many favorites!!    Television is amazing these days. Hmmmmm!? I would have to say 'Shamless' on Showtime because I really enjoy working on projects with believable story-lines that aren't afraid to take exciting risks.

6:What was it like on the set of “Boston Public”?

Wow! I was there for like a blip. Mostly I remember a lot of energy and being very excited to meet Michael Rapport because I've always really enjoyed his work.

7: if you could work with any actress or actor you have never worked with before, who and why?

Meryl Streep or Sean Penn I really want to see how they work. So I can steal, I mean, learn from them :)

8: Are there any social networking sites you belong to?

I'm really enjoying my time on Twitter (@aashadavis).  It's my very FIRST social networking site. I originally joined because I had to have an addy to get into this media party. I didn't think I would like it because I've always been a very private person but I'm so happy to promote the release of 'Pariah' this winter and I love interacting with all the interesting people.

I'm also on Google plus (+Aasha Davis) but I'm starting to think I'm the only one :(

9: If you could work with anyone you have previously worked with again, who and why?

Gabrielle Christian because she's such a great friend and it would be awesome to spend more time with her while we nurture our crafts.

10: Favorite show that's currently on air?

Uhhhh, just one!? Ummm...
'Breaking Bad'! No 'Modern Family'!! No actually 'Breaking Bad'! I don't know!!

11: What show do you wish would be put back on air? (Whether it is one either of you have worked on or not)

'Entourage'...I'm gonna miss Kevin Dillon's character, Drama so much!!

12: Question 12 was tossed, due to coming from the fake Austen Parros.

13: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

"Just keep doing good work and people will notice." (so, I keep trying my best)

14: Are there any projects that you’re currently working on and can discuss?

I just wrapped on an episode of 'Castle' on ABC. Really lovely cast and crew. I had such a blast!!

15: Let’s talk “Pariah”, by the way the trailer is fantastic – can’t wait to see the full film!

Oh Yaay!! I'm so glad you liked the trailer!! What are you doing Christmas day?!

Pariah is my first movie.  I'm so proud of this story because I believe anyone can relate to wanting to find their individual place in this label-driven world. But most of all because it's a movie that I believe is gonna take you through a full spectrum of emotions. I really love that!!

16: Added: You’re going to be playing poker for a charitable cause with a couple of former cast mates in Vegas on Sept. 17, can you tell us a bit about that?

I'm so excited!! Aasha in Vegas is like, a kid in grass!! I love it there! Plus!  My friends and I used to play Texas Hold 'Em every Friday so, I really miss the game. I'm a lil' rusty but am so honored to play for AND I get to hang with Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan in Vegas!!  Whoo! Hooo!

17: Added: What went through your head when you found out was fake? As many of the fans are fooled by posers a lot, what is it like when a friend/ former co-star is fooled?

I wish there were a way to have prevented it. I shared some pretty personal information with (?) !!  :(

18: If you weren't an actress, you’d be a(n) _________ and why?

A TV executive, I love the entertainment business.

19: Raising the Bar, The Shield, or Las Vegas – which series was more fun working on, which was more serious, and which did you enjoy the most?

'Las Vegas' was the most fun (see question #16 lol!).

'The Shield' was the most serious. I felt very proud to be a part of that amazing series.

I really enjoyed 'Raising the Bar' because I got to work with my 'House' director again, Martha Mitchell. She's wonderful!!

20: Any final words for your fans?

I appreciate you all so much. You're such an integral part of what I do. My hope is that my characters, whether sweet or rotten, effect your life in a positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


1) Still taking questions for interviews with NancyLee & Paige and Aasha!
2) Blockbuster Hit Battle:Los Angeles star Will Rotharr has expressed interest in doing an interview with the blog about Battle:LA, 16 to Life (Mandy Musgrave also starred), an his other work!
3) 7/28/2011 was a crazy day, but thanks for support especially from Austen Parros, Matt Cohen, and Mandy Musgrave!
4) Happy birthday to Gabrielle Christian on 7/30 and Valery Ortiz on 8/1 !
5) And welcoming back Mandy Musgrave back to twitter !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A message from NancyLee Myatt (

Television Development 101
Hi everyone, Nancylee here… First of all, on behalf of myself, Matt, Mandy, Maeve and all of the amazing cast members and those behind the scenes who brought you South of Nowhere and our recent efforts to revive the show – THANK YOU!  Our fans have been incredible.  Faithful.  Insightful.  Encouraging.  And have helped keep our SON family together and energized.  After the show wrapped it’s original run, you followed us to whatever other projects or paths our careers have taken us.  And we have never lost sight of this and so appreciate you coming along.
I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions about getting a show on the air, or in our case, back up and running.  So here’s a quick overview of what we are trying to do with our self produced SON Redemption video and our goals for that. Along with a basics of the development process and how it works, why it takes so long and some of the obstacles along the way.
And more importantly, to show you how hard it is to get a show on TV.  It’s like winning the lottery.  Hundreds of pitches and scripts get bought by the networks each year.  Out of those scripts the networks shoot very few.  Only to put a handful on the air.  It can take sometimes up to two years just to go all the way and not have your show even get shot.  Which is why writers are always turning out new material, getting it out there, hoping our number will come up.  If you are lucky enough to get a show on the air and it’s a hit for that network, then it’s much easier to get your next shows on the air -- the networks hoping to capture lightning in a bottle again and bring your audience with it.
Here is the path we are on with the SON movie/series --
Several months ago, Matt, Mandy, Maeve, Paige and myself were talking about this great energy that seemed to be circling around some version of South again.  That no matter what project we were promoting, or convention or event we were at, everyone who approached us had something positive and personal to say about South Of Nowhere.  We started talking about the pluses of doing a movie – 5 years later, and get a chance to give the characters some closure or launch a new chapter in their lives.
However, we had some steep obstacles in play.  I did not create the characters, Tom Lynch did.  It was his history and success with kids and young adult TV that got that show sold to a network.  And he was kind enough to trust me with his show and characters when he hired me to write and run the show.  But for me to create something new with his characters means I would need his permission and/or collaboration to use them in some other context.  This was the smallest of issues.  Tommy and I have worked on two other pilots since SON – one for Nick and one for ABC Family (neither of which made it on the air).  And we were always looking for something else to do together and we loved our SON experience and family.  
In the bigger legal scheme of things – while Tommy created the characters and gets royalties for that, he sold the show to Viacom for The N network.  So we would have to take the new show or movie to Viacom as they own the original series.  They have the first right to the show.  If they didn’t want it, they would have to be willing to license it to another network.  Highly unlikely.  But Viacom is huge and owns a ton of networks and various brands.  Good for us they own Teen Nick and more importantly, MTV – where SON was in reruns after The N evolved into Teen Nick.
Confused yet?
It used to be easy to sell a movie to a network as a “back door pilot.”  Meaning if the movie does well on a network, you have just essentially tested it and can use that movie as the “pilot.”  But most networks moved away from the movie to series franchise years ago.  With the exception lately of CBS, Lifetime and MTV…  Hello?!  MTV!  Now things were looking a little better on that side for us.  MTV is now being helmed by a terrific and inspired man who has a positive history with both Tommy and myself.  Not to mention, so many of the SON cast members have been auditioning for and doing shows with MTV lately, so they were very visible there and perfect for what MTV is turning out right now.
See where we going here?
Okay, so we had a plan that could work legally for us.  Our next move was to come up with a pitch for what that movie might be and where the characters might be going.  We spent some time working on that, talking about movies that resonated with the teen and 20 something audiences recently and over the years.  Jumping the SON world ahead 5 years, thinking about an event that would bring everyone together, give us some drama and a place to go if it became a series.  As we started to prepare a pitch, first to take to Tommy and then to the network, we decided to showcase our pitch in a bigger more visual way.  Rather than just walk in the door with several pages and explain the story, we decided to produce a teaser of what the movie might be – but more importantly to show the network the faces, and the performances behind the characters.
I started writing, Matt started pulling the cast together, while we all worked on the producing the shoot during a very small window that Paige and I would be back in California. (We were headed to Dinah to promote Cowgirl Up – Yee ha!).  Everyone we asked who was available showed up.  And brought their A game.  Long hours, working for free and for the love of this show and this family, we created the Redemption video that you all have been supporting.
A couple of days later we met with Tommy and surprised him with our idea and the video.  It was an awesome meeting and reunion!  Tommy had also been thinking about what was next for SON in all kinds of incarnations.  And he was heading to MTV with a another pitch and thought it was also a great place and good timing for SON, as well.
The Precarious Pitch --
After that meeting, our Redemption gang decided that we would get you fans involved with the pitch process.  Hoping that it would give Tommy some extra energy and show MTV that they already had a loyal fanbase who would show up for South Of Nowhere again.  Twitter with instant feedback became the street we were taking our message to.  You Tube became our network and place to track the traffic.
You all have been amazing – keeping the video hits and numbers climbing.  Talking about what SON meant to you.  Discussing the characters and what’s next for them.  Basically blowing life again into this series.  And when Tommy actually gets the opportunity to talk to the powers that be at MTV, we know that your voice will be a big selling point.
1) Pitch the idea 2) Sell the script 3) Shoot the Pilot 4) Testing 5) Pick-up 6) Broadcast and STAY ON THE AIR…. Start all over again.
Remember when I said networks hear hundreds of pitches in any given development season?  All while running the day to day of the network and shows already in production and on the air.  If you are someone like Tommy who is running his own production company and who has a huge track record for getting shows on the air, you actually get to talk to the President of the network along with the development team vs. a development representative who hears the pitch then “pitches it upstairs” to the head of the network.  The fact that Tommy gets the head of the network in the pitch is the best case scenario.  As you will know pretty quick the possibility of your pilot getting bought.  But both Tommy and the network President are involved in so many other issues on any given day, it’s not unusual for a meeting to get moved.  Then trying to reschedule for two very busy people is always a challenge.  That’s why the SON meeting has been moved so many times.
Thank you for all your patience – understand that when Tommy gets in the room he may or may not pitch SON Redemption on that day.  He has other projects to pitch, as well, and he’ll use his judgment on the timing and openness of the situation for SON.  However, on the chance that he does, we will be on Twitter rallying the troops, showing MTV how much we love South of Nowhere.  To that end, I’ll be doing follow up with MTV and circling around other scenarios for the cast we love to be involved in a project together.
This concludes your Television Development Class for the day.  I promise now to return to some more interesting writing for your future entertainment.
Nancylee and your South of Nowhere family

Monday, June 27, 2011

An Interview with Christin Mell of TelloFilms!

COF: We understand you are working on a new project, "Who knows her better?", can you tell us about it?

Yes, this is a game show that is taped in front of a live studio audience in Chicago.  This is sort of like Will and Grace meets the Newlywed game.  We take a straight couple and the women’s gay best friend and through a series of questions we test to see “Who Knows Her Better”.  Our first two shows were hosted by Elizabeth Keener from the L Word and the next 2 will be hosted by Georg Coleman from “Worst Cooks in America”.  I have to say I was very nervous when we first did this because I had never done a game show.  I thought it would be funny you just didn’t know until you actually do it.  Thank goodness it turned out really well- which is why we are doing it again.  After the show ended we had people asking if we were going to do it again.  So we asked Georg Coleman and we are doing another episode July 11th in Chicago at Mary’s Attic.  You can get tickets on

COF: What is the biggest difference that between filming a webseries vs a game show?

Because we did the game show live that is the biggest difference.  If it wasn’t funny or interesting then we were in trouble.  And you can cast a webseries so you know if someone is funny and then you can re-shoot the scenes until you hit the joke.  You can’t really do that with a game show- you just have to hope people are funny and interesting or the whole show won’t work.  You have much more to risk in a game show then a webseries cause you can’t re-do it or re-cast it. 

COF: What drew your interest or inspired you to the behind the camera aspects of filmmaking/ production?

I was in the 8th grade and my family got a video camera- the kind that used the huge VHS tapes.  And I would grab it and would do music videos with my younger sister and friends and then for my 15th birthday party I had a sleep over and we video taped a show called “Friday Night Edited” which was a sketch show like Saturday Night Live.  We did an opening and re-did out favorite sketches and made up our own.  Soon I got to where I would edit videos for school projects.  I didn’t think about it as a career until I was in college and I majored in Television production and worked on projects through out school.

COF: What was the inspiration behind 

The website was conceived in 2007 when the co-found Nicole Valentine and I were having a deep dish pizza in Chicago and we were geeking out about the show Bad Girls.  Once we finished the Nikki/Helen storyline we realized we really didn’t have much else to talk about.  That was right around the time we also discovered and really related to their quest to lift up and celebrate lesbians in entertainment.  We wanted to be the lesbian youtube.  Since then the iPod and smart phones have come to the market making mobile viewing easier.  We have now moved to being smart phone friendly and turning it from an aggregator of lesbian videos to a lesbian distribution outlet.  We really want to find a way to support and create lesbian content.

COF: Besides "Who Knows Her Better?" are there any other projects that coming up for Tello?

Oh yes!  We are in pre-production on 2 more projects.  The one I’m producing is called “I Hate Tommy Finch” with Nicole Pacent (Anyone But Me) and Shannan Leigh Reeve (Cowgirl Up and Diary of a Black Widow).  I’m really excited about this project because we are doing this dual storytelling device. We are doing the production as a play in front of an audience so the actors are able to get this great interaction with the audience (if you are in Chicago the play dates will be in October- look for more information on facebook page).  One performance we are going to bring in a small audience of friends and then tape it.  This way we will be able to move the camera – call cut- or ask them to re-do a scene like in webseries production.  We are doing this because we are going to then post the project as a webseries on tello.  At another of the performances we are going to just set the camera up in the back and have a single, establishing shot we can use for editing purposes.  We are bring the oldest storytelling distribution (the play) and the newest storytelling distribution (the webseries) and meshing them together.  We are super excited and are partnering with a great producing duo in Chicago called King is a Fink to help us.  This is another instance where we are saying “I think this will work but I’m not 100% sure but let’s give it a try!”  “I Hate Tommy Finch” is an original script that follows the friendship and relationship of two women from the age of 8 to 35.  Nicole and Shannan have been so receptive to our crazy idea and as artists are really excited about this as well.

Nicole is working with Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt on another project that is a comedy/improv based project.  I don’t want to say anymore because Nicole is producing that but it will be shot this year and posted at the end of the year. 

COF: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in the industry? Biggest reward?

Biggest challenge has been mostly technology-  and by that I mean keeping up with technology.  We started the site before the smart phones and iPads so keeping up with technology is really important so that we remain relevant.   I don’t really consider us in the industry- I think we dance in the periphery really.

Biggest reward:  Here’s the coolest thing about the times we are in with technology.  In the past if you wanted to create or had an idea there was only so far you could go.  The current way the entertainment industry works is there are tons of people who tell you “no”.  Using the new technology Nicole and I are able to create our own distribution channel where we can tell people yes.  We can say yes and figure out how to do it.  That’s the coolest thing.  The second reward goes along with the first and that is we have been so fortunate to work with awesome people who just want to create.  Nancylee Myatt, Bridget McManus and amazing actors who are willing to work on our scrappy fun projects.

COF: Tello films and MyHardt Productions recently aired a webseries called "Cowgirl Up", for those who have not seen it, can you tell them what it's about?

This is an all-female Western comedy.  It has some amazing women- funny, talented and very attractive.  It takes place at a dude ranch for women only and it puts two teams against one another to win best all-round cowgirl.  The girls have to shoot targets, go on a scavenger hunt, rope, ride and spell- all for points.  There is also a budding romance and the threat from the Natives that live on the land.  It’s just a really fun modern day all –female western.

COF: You have gotten to interview several celebrities through Tello, can you tell the readers what your favorite interview has been?

Oh there are so many.  The most memorable was one of our first.  Guinevere Turner was in the bathroom at a bar.  We couldn’t get an interview with her until then and the light was bad and the music was loud and the only place we could do the interview and hear her was in the bathroom.  So the owner let us use it and we shut down the woman’s restroom for like 20 min.  It was a super fun interview.   After that we always carry a light with us to be sure we have enough light.

I think my favorite though is Amy Ray and Brandi Carlile.  Those two were on the same night.  I was allowed to get their whole concert on camera (it’s posted on and then I was only scheduled for the Amy interview but Brandi was kind enough to do an interview as well.  Both are really fun and it was an amazing night.

COF: As you are aware our site is about calling out the posers that continuously affect the lives of celebrities and their fans, what would you say to the posers if there turn out to be one about you?  Would you feel flattered or creeped out?

Gosh that’s a good question.  I think I would feel more sorry for the person who is a poser. I am living a life that I love and so I think people who are happy and taking full advantage of life don’t have time to be a poser they are too busy loving who they are.  So I think people who are posers and affect the lives of celebrities and their fans must live a super pathetic life.  I would think anyone who went after me could also most likely choose someone better or more famous but at the end of the day but I wouldn’t have time to waste on worry about other people and what they do.  I just try to focus on what I’m doing and the positive, creative people around me what are trying to get more stories by and about lesbians on tello and trying to let as many people as I can know about and what we are doing.

COF: More mainstream television is focusing on the lesbian and gay community by making having their main stars either take place in a homosexual relationship or be an out title character, what do you think this means for the future of lesbian/ gay entertainment and for the community all together?

I think overall it is awesome!  People will continue to have characters that are lesbians or lesbian storylines as long as they keep getting ratings or selling tickets.  I still think we have a long was to go as a community in the entertainment arena.  I’d like to get to a place where out actresses can be cast in straight roles.  We are getting close.  Portia de Rossi and Amber Heard are doing a great job of helping us get there.  It doesn’t seem that the gay network on cable is really doing well right now- I’m not checking ratings or anything but it doesn’t seem to be really doing a great job in creating projects for the community.  I’d love to show people that there is a market for lesbian entertainment.

COF: For those who haven't seen "Diary of a Black Widow" can you tell the readers what it's about?

This is a horror webseries that follows a serial killer as the goes through her “victim”. Things get complicated when she decides to stop- but someone has other ideas.

COF: What actress(es) would you love to work with one day?

In my bio on the tello site I mention Katee Sachkoff and that is true- I’d love to work with her but there are so many.  I could go on and on with a wish list but I’ve found the best folks to work with are people who just love to create.  On Cowgirl Up we were luck to work with Maribeth Monroe who is also on the Comedy Central show “Workaholics” and she is just amazing.  I’m trying to figure out how to work with her again.  She is super funny, talented and just an all around lovely person.  We are lucky in Chicago because we have a great community of improvisers and people who just want to work on projects. 

COF: With the exception of the Tello Produced web series, what other types of shows are offered on the site?

Right now we have some independent producers whose shows are posted like “Shock and Akward” and “Webseries the Webseries”.  If a producer wants to show their project on our open site they are able to- they just need to get a hold of us and ask.  Most of our projects are going to be tello produced along with another producer like we did with Nancylee Myatt and Bridget McManus.  We like joint projects.

COF: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

I would have to say my parents.  They always encouraged me and reinforced the idea that I could do anything I set my mind to do.  I’ve never really been afraid to try something and fail and I think that’s because they were so supportive.  When I was a kid and we went on road trips to relatives they would play these motivational tapes.  I grew up listening to Wayne Dwyer, Nightengale Conant people and Leo Buscallia.  I think these tapes and the positive messages I got as a kid has stuck with me.  This was all brought to my by my parents.

COF: Where could fans go online to find out more and donate Tello and how does one become a Tello Producer?

I thought you’d never ask ;-).  You can subscribe to the tello Premium Content section.  Go to and click on the link that says “Premium Subscription” on the top menu bar.  It’s $3.99 a month and you can sign up for as many months as you want.  If you’d like to give us more support for producing the content we discussed above you can become a “tello Producer” here:

When you subscribe to 80% of your fees are distributed among the producers who send us their content.  We believe this model will help producers create more content with a lesbian storyline. 

COF: Any final words for the fans? 

We are so grateful to still be around and really hope this new model with the free open section and premium content section works and helps us create more content.  Nicole and I have never looked at as a way to make money but really as a way we could tell more of the stories we love.  We hope there are people out there who like what they see at tello and want to support that too.  Thanks so much for those who have already helped!

Psst... just a reminder

Rob Moran, Eileen Boylan, and Mandy Musgrave DO NOT HAVE TWITTER

Since my last post the amazing Gabrielle Christian got herself a twitter, you can find her at !

Gabrielle also released her first single which was titled "Kissing Mandy" which as was announced via twitter the new Mrs. Cohen was the inspiration behind the song.

Speaking of Mrs. Cohen, congrats to Matt and Mandy on their wedding!

Yes, some of this is old news but its worth mentioning again. remixed Gabrielle's song - check it out here

Almost finished - keep an eye on my boy travis's twitter page @sononline and the SoN cast and @ishakeitup (the awesome NancyLee Myatt) for the info you may want to know regarding the possible SoN movie!

Last - watch the SoN promos the youtube links are a couple posts down!

Friday, April 15, 2011

South Of Nowhere Movie - The Promo

South of Nowhere Online's youtube page has released the promos for the South of Nowhere Movie!!!! Videos Below.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview with Director Becky Smith from "16 to Life"

CoF:  What was the inspiration behind 16 to Life?

BS:    I wanted to tell a story that focused on a teenage girl in a small town who loves where she grew up - but also wants to move out into the world.  I also wanted to explore romantic love and sexual attraction - and how confusing, wonderful, awkward, and unwise those emotions can be.

CoF:  Rumor is that 16 to Life wasn't the original name of the film, what was it and why the change?

BS:   The film was originally called "Duck Farm No. 13" - but my teenage test audiences universally hated the title. They thought the film was about a farm.

CoF:  How did you go about making the decisions for who would play what character?

BS:    I cast the film in Los Angeles with Mormon Boling Casting.  I signed a contract with the Screen Actors Guild, and cast lead actors who had television and feature experience - and felt right for the roles.  I cast smaller parts and extras in the midwest, where we shot the film.

CoF:  Are there any other projects that you're working on?

BS:    I'm currently developing two new screenplays - and a web series.  The first screenplay "Brooke & Anabel" is about a sign language interpreter who is assigned to teach a young illegal immigrant - in a midwestern town where illegal immigrants are a majority of the laborers.  My other feature "Gleezers"  is about a young musician who desperately needs money, and agrees to direct an original musical starring ten elderly Jewish people who survived the camps. Think "Glee" mixed with "Grumpy Old Men" - and you've got "Gleezers"!

CoF:  What do you do when you're not writing/directing ect.?

BS:    If I'm not writing or developing a project, I feel very guilty.  So I try to make the creative process a part of every day.  I also teach directing in the UCLA film school - and run the first year graduate directing program.  For exercise, I run, swim and do "home-alone" yoga with Rodney Yee DVDs.  I do pen and ink drawing as a kind of meditation. Shopping is my vice.  I read a lot of fiction.  Should watch more movies - but when I do - it's usually old movies.

CoF:  What type of reactions has this film had from viewers?

BS:   We've had a lot of very good feedback on the film.  We were lucky enough to win "Best of Festival" and/or "Audience Choice" at nine festivals - plus some other awards.  The reviews have been great - including a nice review in "Variety".  I'm a bit pained that when we finally got on Rotten Tomatoes - out of the approximately 50 good reviews we got in newspapers, magazines and on-line - Rotten Tomatoes posted the one bad review we've gotten!

CoF:  What was it like working with Mandy Musgrave?

BS:   Mandy is a very gifted young actress.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to cast her.  I think her comic timing is flawless.  She really understands my humor - and finds a way to nail every line, while holding on to the humanity and the pathos.  I would love to work with her again - she's just terrific. Great attitude, sincere, no ego - a complete team player, beautiful and a lovely person.

CoF:  Do you have any social networking sites that fans can talk to you on?

BS:    We have a web site - a facebook fan page - and try to reply to every fan who contacts us.

CoF:  Will Rothaar was recently in Battle: LA - have you seen it? If so, what was your opinion of the film?

BS:   I'm looking forward to seeing Will in "Battle: LA" - he is another gifted actor with great nuance and great comic timing.  I will report back on the movie!!!

CoF:  What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in the film industry, whether behind the scenes or in front of the camera?

BS:   Working in film and television is a competitive business - and you have to understand that going into it.  I think personal qualities that are key to success in the business include a great work ethic, patience, persistence, a passion for story-telling, resourcefulness, and hard work.  Everyone who succeeds in the business had their own path to success. And it's a precarious business, so you have to be in it for the right reasons - and for the long haul if you want to get pleasure from it.    I've often heard the saying "Success in Hollywood is determined by how well you deal with disappointment" - and I think that's true.

CoF:  You filmed on the Mississippi River, how was that?

BS:    It was a great pleasure to film in a beautiful town (McGregor, Iowa) on the Mississippi river.  The landscape was so stunning, we simply turned the camera on it and got great pictures.  The people locally were very generous of their time, their resources and their good will.  Every day of shooting was a pleasure. I remember finishing one night shoot at 6am - and walking down the little main street to my bed and breakfast.  I was tired, cold, and exhilarated.  I thought to myself, 'this is what you want most - and this is what you're doing - making feature films you care passionately about."  And then I went to bed.

CoF:  Is there a website fans can go to, so that they may view this film?

CoF:  Any words for the fans?

BS:   We have been gratified by the support people have shown "16 to Life" - the original investors who believed in the project, the people of McGregor, Iowa - and the many fans who have taken the time to see the film and to post on Facebook.  I'm originally from Iowa - where we shot the film - and my family still lives there.  You hear the saying "You can't go home again".   I know that I could only go home again to make this film.  And it has given back to me so much more than I could have imagined.  I am thrilled if someone watches the film and feels that they've gained something from the time spent with it.