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Saturday, April 9, 2011

South of Nowhere

Everyone has been asking if a South of Nowhere Movie is really happening or not.

Here's the deal, Matt Cohen posted on twitter earlier a link to a youtube video.
Watch the video as many times as humanly possible, everytime you watch it go to twitter (create an account if you arent already tweeting with us) and post the link for the video and hashtag for a movie. Your Tweet should look like this: #SouthOfNowhereMovie

 Btw: @MattCohen4Real and @ValsTweet posed a question earlier -

Would you rather see a South Of Nowhere Movie or Series - Go to twitter and tweet the following:

For the movie-
#southofnowheremovie @mattcohen4real @valstweet

For a series
#southofnowhereseries @mattcohen4real @valstweet

go watch the vid:

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