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Friday, April 8, 2011

SoN Trivia Challenge

With everyone so stoked about the rumors of a possible South of Nowhere movie, we here at CoF wanted to play a little game. Below are a series of trivia questions about the show and its cast members. Anything goes question-wise. The first 5 fans to email will ALL the right answers will receive a gift. Good Luck!

1. What is the name of Maeve Quinlan's dog?

2. Who wore an I ♥ Girls Shirt, and when during the run of the show?

3. Name the episode: Ashley's mother's last physical appearance on the show.

4. The ladies of South can thoroughly confuse the people around them when they do this ________. Revealed in a BTS webisode.

5. What was Mandy Musgrave's very first line on a television show?

6. Aly Michalka from the CW's Hellcats has worked with what SoN actor/actress and when?

7. Matt Cohen is known for giving away _____ at Supernatural Conventions.

8. This lady's favorite flick is "The Land Before Time", who is she?

9. Name 2 of Tom Lynch's tv creations. (South of Nowhere does not count)

10. Gabrielle Christian lost some hair to a fan when she went to see what play?

11. Who does Spencer first admit to that she is gay?

12. If there were a South of Nowhere movie, you may want this webisode ignored from the timeline completely.

13. This scene will give you shivers, especially with this actress's voice over. Name the scene and actress.

14. Adien began boxing on the show, but what actor(s)/actress(es) have stated at one point or another that they box in their spare time?

15. What cast member was giving out purple nurples to another cast member?

16. This cast member admitted to not always washing their hands after using the restroom.

17. These two cast members are known for being very method.

18. Who played Ashley's dad, and what is he known for outside of the SoN realm?

19. SoN cast members are pet lovers. What are the names of Gabrielle, Valery, and Mandy's pets? (hint 1 for each person)

20. Matt Cohen and Mandy Musgrave are an artistic family. How is their bathroom decorated, and who decorated it? (This one is for the MC Tweeps)

21. Name the cast members who are originally from Florida.

22. Which cast member brought their own paintball gun when the cast got down and dirty?

23. What cast members were in both the original pilot and the rest of the series?

24. What were the three shows that Mandy mentioned loving to watch in high school, and what did one of those shows have in common with South of Nowhere Season 2?

25. Before the X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore worked with what SoN cast member on what show?

26. Mandy's twin sister was in a BTS video, what was her name?

27. Maeve Quinlan made a guest appearance in Mandy and Gabrielle's websieries GirlTrash... what was her character's name?

28. Matt Cohen has worked with fellow SoN actors/actress on other projects... name them all.

29.  This actress stands up for Peta2 - who is she?

30. Greek had its last run, what two SoN actors/actresses made a few appearances on the ABCfamily series?

31. If you want to watch a movie that Matt Cohen is in you would rent/buy what films? Name them all.

32. Name the motel Spencer and Ashley run away to?

33. Glen finds out about Spashley in what episode?

34. Which character actually said the word Spashley first? Which episode?

35. Spencer seems to like to kiss when she is drinking alcohol, name the moments.

36. Lockdown. We find out in this episode that Madison and Sean have known each other since when? (Dont forget the name of the episode)

37. Pool party. What is the trick to the grill?

38. Where did Spencer decide to go to college?

39. Gabrielle said what actor/actress is one of her biggest influences?

40. What do Gabrielle and Mandy call each other in their text messages to each other?

41. Who let it spill that Mandy and Matt were engaged and when?

42.  Which cast member was in the military before SoN?

43. Gabrielle's favorite movie of 2010 was what?

44. In 2012, a film will hit theatres- unlike its first two predecessors this one will be in 3D. What SoN actor landed a role in this film, and what is the film called?

45. Who was the baby of the cast?

46. Which cast member is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie?

47.  Lights out. Which episode features Aiden's breakdown.

48.  It was the game changing episode, what was the episode called when the shooting victim was revealed and Spashley was no more (for a while anyway)?

49.  What episode had Spencer admitting to imagining kissing Ashley instead of Aiden?

50. What spot of Ashley and Aiden's did Ashley reuse on Spencer and Aiden reuse on Kyla?

51. After party. What was Gabrielle Christian wearing in the "trenchcoat" scene that caused Mandy to bust out laughing?

After you have emailed your answers head to twitter and post this: I took the SoN trivia challenge. #southofnowheremovie @MattCohen4real @3waytv @callingoutfakes

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