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Monday, April 5, 2010

Interview with Matt Cohen

COF:  Tell us a little bit about your film "Chain Letter"?
MC: as of now it looks like it will be in theaters everywhere aug 6th. it stars Nikki reed, Noah Segan, Cody Cashe , myself and many more. it is from the producers of the "Saw" series and is a horror, thriller that revolves around technology.

COF: You filmed two films working with former co-stars Danso Gordon (Dark House) and Rob Moran (The Outside) can you tell us a bit about those films, and what it was like working with Gordon and Moran again?
MC:of course it was wonderful working with those super talented guys again! it is looking like my first shot at producing and starring in a movie, The Outside, will hit DVD in july and i don't know the status of the Dark House film.

COF: Last year you were involved with a web-series "Rockville,CA" , is filming a web-series any different than a television series?
MC:pretty much the same deal but a bit compressed being that the episodes are only 5 min. or so. I was very lucky to meet so many great people on that project though.

COF: You have made two guest appearances on the hit CW show "Supernatural", could fans see another guest appearance by you, if the show is renewed? Also, transitioning from a smaller network to a larger network can be a little intimidating for some actors, what was your experience like going from The-N (TeenNick) to The CW?
MC:it wasn't intimidating at all thanks to Jared and Jensen of Supernatural. those guys are great.

COF: Are you working on any new projects?
MC:nothing i can talk about at this time.

COF: You starred in the Boogeyman Remake, "Boogeyman 2" what was the biggest difference or change you faced when compared to a television series?
MC:you really just get a lot more time to capture a performance in film as opposed to tv.

COF: Can you tell us a little about the first job you ever got while in La La Land?
MC:South Of Nowhere was my first job and i think it speaks for itself. i was LUCKY

COF: What have you been up to while not auditioning or working?
MC:writing and boxing takes up most of my time.

COF: If you could pick any actress, singer, and actor to work with- who would you choose and why?
MC:jeffrey dean morgan!! i think it would be cool to play his son or younger bro.

COF: If you weren't film/television industry what would you be doing?
MC:id be lost.

COF: For those who haven't heard yet you recently branched out in the Producer's seat of film-making for an upcoming movie "The Outside", can you tell us about how it felt to be behind the camera this time around?
MC:it is challenging and stressful. no one can imagine the effort it takes from everyone involved to make a film.

COF: What advice would you give to someone wanting to move out to LA to pursue a career in performing?
MC:don't take no for an answer

COF: We have seen a number of Matt posers surfacing on the social networking sites, what goes through your head when you see and hear of them? 
MC:its flattering

COF: What has been your favorite item you have received from a fan? Creepiest?

COF: (FINAL QUESTION) Any final words for your fans?
MC:i owe you the world!!

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