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Monday, April 5, 2010

Interview with Mandy Musgrave

COF:  You co-star in the award winning independent film "16 to Life", can you tell us a little about the film, your character, and how it was filming on the Mississippi River?
MM: The film was great, Lots of fun to shoot. It was FREEZING everyday and we had to wear tiny clothes. which seemed miserable at the time. but now i look back and smile at the memory. The cast was great though and the director was great because she knew what she wanted and how to get us to deliver.

COF: You have made guest appearances on "3way" and "Rockville, CA", how is filming a web-series, for you, different than a TV series?
MM: Both fun! 3way was great because i was able to work with my favorite write again (Nancylee Myatt) and i always love when i get a chance to work with Maeve Quinlan! and Rockville CA was fun as well because their cast was incredible! Being in a scene with
 Ryan Hansen was hard. because all i wanted to do was watch him perform, i had to keep reminding myself to say my lines.  but as for being on a web series as opposed to a television series... no difference as far as my job in concerned. i recite lines no matter what.

COF: You have made a few guest appearances on the hit CW show "90210", how was that different that working on a smaller network?
MM: not different at all. again acting is acting.

COF: Can you tell us a little about the first job you ever got while in La La Land?
MM: it was on Drake and Josh. i just walked by and said one line "hey drake looking cool" it was the first thing i ever auditioned for. i look back at it now and laugh but i was so nervous and excited then.

COF: What have you been up to while not auditioning or working?
MM: every day stuff. Nothing TOO exciting or out of the ordinary. Just typical everyday tasks. Grocery shopping, Gym, Movies.

COF: If you could pick any actress, singer, and actor to work with- who would you choose and why?
MM: Shirley MacLaine - she is one of my favorites! Christopher Reeves - He has been my hero since i was a wee tot. (i cried the day he passed)

COF: If you weren't film/television industry what would you be doing?
MM: i would be writing... anything and everything but scripts.

COF: We have seen a number of Mandy posers surfacing on the
 social networking sites, what goes through your head when you see and hear of them?
MM: it's annoying but at the same time... it comes with the territory and the path i chose.

COF: What television series would you love to guest star on?
MM: The Tudors!!!  or True Blood

COF: (FINAL QUESTION) Any final words for your fans?
MM: thank you for being so loyal and for brightening my life with your kind words. And remember that if today hurts... there is always a new day tomorrow.

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