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Monday, June 27, 2011

Psst... just a reminder

Rob Moran, Eileen Boylan, and Mandy Musgrave DO NOT HAVE TWITTER

Since my last post the amazing Gabrielle Christian got herself a twitter, you can find her at !

Gabrielle also released her first single which was titled "Kissing Mandy" which as was announced via twitter the new Mrs. Cohen was the inspiration behind the song.

Speaking of Mrs. Cohen, congrats to Matt and Mandy on their wedding!

Yes, some of this is old news but its worth mentioning again. remixed Gabrielle's song - check it out here

Almost finished - keep an eye on my boy travis's twitter page @sononline and the SoN cast and @ishakeitup (the awesome NancyLee Myatt) for the info you may want to know regarding the possible SoN movie!

Last - watch the SoN promos the youtube links are a couple posts down!

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