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Monday, January 10, 2011

Interview with Gabrielle Christian

COF: Can you tell us a little about "You're Cordially Uninvited" and your character?

GC: Rose is a young woman, struggling to come out to her parents about her engagement to another woman, Lisa. I play Rose!

COF: What do you think people are going to like the most about this film
GC: Most importantly, I believe the film sheds light on the issue of gay marriage, on both social and intimate levels. In Rose's case, however, it is in allowing her "seemingly" conservative parents to know her true self, whether they accept it or not. Either way, Rose is in love with and marrying another woman, and it is ultimately up to her to be honest to herself and others. 

COF: What drew your interest or inspired you to take on this character and film?

GC: Last Spring of 2010, I worked with Fontessa De Ridder (our director) on Girltrash (the movie). Fontessa was our 2nd Assistant Director on set, and I was really fond of her work ethic, as well as the person she is. We became great friends over the shoot, and over the Summer she asked me to take a look at the YCU script. I read it and I loved it. Rose especially stood out to me, considering I was compelled to her coming out process as an adult. As an actress, I had never had the opportunity to explore this aspect of the coming out process, and this is what sparked my desire to do it. 

COF: Can you please explain to the readers, what the 'perks' are for
donating to this film?

GC: Well, on our IndieGoGo fundraising website, we are trying to raise money for some of the cost of the film. It is very expensive to even shoot a short film these days, you wouldn't believe it! However, some of the "perks" I have offered to do are make phone calls, or send signed pictures to the donators who would like them- kinda an incentive to reach out to any fan that may want to help support our film in any other way. 

COF: What has been the MOST challenging scene you have filmed in your career?

GC: My first TV series Young Americans (on the WB) was definitely a challenge. I was only 15 years old, had never been on professional film before, and was extremely nervous. My first scene was especially the hardest, considering Kate Bosworth played my big sister, and I was already such a fan of her work!

COFBesides "GirlTrash:ANL", "House", and of course "YCU",  are there
any other projects that you are working on?

GC: I'm currently in the works of a documentary based on the harsh realities of human trafficking. I am involved with a non-profit called FAIR Fund that helps survivors tell their stories, and we hope to shed light on our girls (and boys) with this film. 

COF: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in the
entertainment industry? Biggest reward?

GC: The down time between work definitely sucks, in my opinion. I love being busy, and it sucks when you can't act (professionally) all the time, especially in this economy where not as many work opportunities are available. It's also very competitive when you do have an audition, and I am not too great a fan of that process either. I really hate competing with women who have the same dreams I do, it's just not right. However, when you DO get the job, especially one that delivers a good message, all that struggle makes it worth it. 

COF: For those who haven't read your interview with our friends at can you tell readers whether or not you have
a social networking site of any type?

GC: I currently do not have any type of social networking site whatsoever. I did have a myspace account a few years ago, and got off of facebook about a year ago, but am only really involved with my personal website for now: 

COF: You have been an inspiration to many people through the
characters you have portrayed, how does it feel knowing you have
inspired so many people?

GC: Wow, that's very humbling. Thank you. I am really grateful to have played such characters, and only hope to be a positive role model to young people. As an audience member myself, I learn so much from my favorite actors on screen. 

COF: As you are aware our site is about calling out the posers that
continuously affect the lives of celebrities and their fans , what is
your opinion on poser sites- more specifically the ones who pose as

GC: Hey, I think fan pages rock! However, sometimes it isn't fair for people to take over someone's identity, especially if they are putting negative gossip out there. Please don't do that!

COF: More mainstream television is focusing on the lesbian and gay
community by making having their main stars either take place in a
homosexual relationship or be an out title character, what do you
think this means for the future of lesbian/ gay entertainment and for
the community all together?

GC: I think it's all wonderful, as long as they are portraying our community in a positive light. 

COF: What do you do (hobbies, activities, ect.) when you aren't filming?

GC: I'm totally obsessed with Krav Maga Martial Arts. I have been training in this Israeli Mixed Martial Arts form for almost two years now and absolutely love what it has done for my mind/body/soul. My husband and I are also very outdoorsy, hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, etc. Anything we can do outdoors with our dog is always a good thing.  

COF: What was your experience like when filming "House"?

GC: Loved it. Everyone was so nice, including the show's main stars, but Jennifer Grey (my mom) was really the treat. I have been a fan of Jennifer's since her Dirty Dancing days, and it was so great to work on screen with an inspiration. My character also rocked, I loved that she spoke her mind and didn't take crap from anyone. I also really loved working with those little babies. So cute. 

COF: Would you ever want to get behind the camera for a movie or
television series?

GC: I'd love to produce or direct someday, it really has to be the right script and message though. 

COF: What actor or actress would you love to work with one day?
GC: Natalie Portman is definitely up there these days. Black Swan was incredible. I'd also love to work with Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank and Meryl Streep. How can these women play such entirely different kinds of roles? It's a magnificent mystery. 

COF: Do you have any traditions or a certain process you go through
when preparing for a role?

GC: I always try and put myself entirely into someone else's shoes, and also try and use things from my own life that can help me get there. 

Before the fan questions:
Valery Ortiz says that she sends her blessings.
and a question from another former co-star- Much love Val! :)

Austen Parros: What single actor/actress has most influenced you as an actress?

GC: Julie Andrews. I grew up adoring her, and the Sound of Music is what made me want to (and still makes me want to) make movies. 


COF: Would you ever want to record an album, or go back to theatre? (twitter)

GC: Going back to the theatre would be amazing, I grew up in the theatre, and musical theatre is particularly my fave. However, recording an album would be so crazy cool, of course I'd love to do that someday! Who knows, maybe Girltrash will have one!

COF: What tv shows are can't miss, in your opinion ? (facebook)

GC: Dexter (drama). The Tudors (history). Nurse Jackie (wit). Entourage (comedy). Basically anything and everything on Showtime and HBO!

COF: What is your New Year's Resolution? (twitter)

GC: To be more present, positive and patient. 

COF: What was your favorite movie of 2010? (twitter)

GC: Back Swan. 

COF: How is the married life? (twitter)

GC: Couldn't be better, we are best friend's forever :)

COF: What is the biggest difference between working on You're
Cordially Univited to SON and Girltrash? (twitter)

GC: Well, YCU is a short, so it only took a week to shoot. SON took up about 5 years of my entire life! And Girltrash is especially cool because we have been working on the webseries and film since 2007. Basically, I love going back to a certain character I've fallen in love with. It'd be so nice if we could make YCU into a feature length someday. Hint hint Fontessa! :)

FINAL Questions:

COF: Any advice for fans/readers who may be going through the
struggles that your character went through in "YCU"?

GC: Just tell your parents, even if you're scared. Because in the end, it's better to take that chance than to lose someone's trust in you. 

COF: Any final words?
GC: Thank you so much for continuing to follow my career, and I hope to keep you updated on my future endeavors!  
For More Info on Gabrielle's upcoming news please visit:
You can visit, donate, and learn more about Gabrielle's charities here: - FairFUND Gabrielle's Interview with SONonline: To Donate and Find More Info About YCU:

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