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Monday, February 1, 2010

An Interview with Katherine Brooks

CYO: We understand you are working on a new project, "Freak", can you tell us about it?
KB: The movie is based on Julie Krone, the greatest female horse racing jockey of all times.

CYO: What drew your interest to "Freak"?
KB: To be honest, I had no desire to make a horse racing film. Although I grew up riding jumpers, the thought of making a movie about a jockey seemed to have already been done before. My producer, Sophie Watts, asked me to read Julie's autobiography, "Riding For My LIfe", because she knew I would connect with Julie's struggle....and I did. There were many similarities in our story. We both quit high school and left home to persue an impossible dream in a male-dominated arena. We both struggled with drug problems that we both over came....and I felt that if I could focus the script on her emotional and complex battle to become the best, then I could make a movie based around the track.

CYO:What was your inspiration behind "Loving Annabelle"?
KB: I was working as a TV director around the time that a huge scandal around a teacher/student affair came out. And I was so surprised at how my co-workers would talk about the situation. There was so much judgment....and I was intrigued how people could judge a situation they knew nothing about. Of course, to this day, the teacher/student are still together. I wanted the challenge of making the movie and showing that there can be love between two people even if society deems it to be wrong. Everyone freaked out over my film because Annabelle was only 17.....yet, she was going to be 18 four days after the relationship was....well, you know, after they had sex. FOUR DAYS!

CYO: Can the fans expect any more team ups with Erin Kelly, like we got in Waking Madison, Loving Annabelle, and Finding Kate?
KB:As of right now, no.

CYO:What inspired or pulled you into the directing/writing/producing career?
KB:I'm fascinated by the magic of movies and wanted to be a part of them since I was a kid.

CYO:Besides the movies Surrender,Complex, Dear Emily, Invisibles, Outtakes,and Luna Butterflys do you plan on doing any other in front of the camera work?
KB:Those were all "student" films for me, that were made for practice and fun, nothing NO, not planning on making any more cameos.

CYO:You have been an inspiration to many people wanting a career in writing and directing, how does it feel knowing you have inspired so many people?
KB: I didn't know that I have, but knowing that means a lot to me as I understand and know how frustrating it can be trying to break into this crazy business.

CYO: As you are aware our site is about calling out the posers that continuously affect the lives of celebrities and their fans , what would you say to the posers if there turn out to be one about you? Would you feel flattered or creeped out?
KB: It's a little creepy to me. I had a "celebrity" that I know friend me on facebook and I replied back with, "how is Gene doing".......and they replied with, "oh he's fine".....Gene is a, it's a little creepy when people will pose as someone else.

CYO: More mainstream television is focusing on the lesbian and gay community by making having their main stars either take place in a homosexual relationship or be an out title character, what do you think this means for the future of lesbian/ gay entertainment and for the community all together?
KB: I think it's great. Pretty soon, people won't even think about'll just blend in.

CYO: For those who haven't seen Finding Kate, Waking Madison, or Loving Annabelle can you tell them about those films?
KB: Finding Kate was a student film I did about a young girl who loses her virginity to her cousin. Loving Annabelle was about a teacher and student who have an affair. And Waking Madison is about a woman who locks herself in her apartment in New Orleans to try and cure her mental illness. All very much pushing the envelope. ha ha.

CYO:What actress(es) would you love to work with one day?
KB:Oh, wow. There's an endless list.

Angelina Jolie
Charlize Theron
Kristen Scott Thomas
Kate Winslet
Cate Blanchet

CYO:What processes do you go through while writing a script, any traditions?
KB: Traditions.....hmmm, well, there each so different, but all equally drive me to the edge of insanity when writing them. I do a TON of re-writes. I'd say Loving Annabelle went through about 30......yet, I wrote Waking Madison in a couple of days and FREAK took me two years and 7 they are all different depending on my state of mind at the time of writing. I write about 10 hours a day/6 days a week and then I won't touch a script for a year.......I honestly hope that from now on I won't have to write and I can direct other people's work.

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