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Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Aasha Davis

1: What was the first job you had in LA?

Maaaan! I had a lot of jobs at first!! I guess, my first 'real' job was as a production assistant on a late-night talk show (which is now off the air). I basically took care of the music acts. I would have to get Mary J. Blije water or order chicken and waffles for Snoop and his entourage.

2: What was it like working on “Gilmore Girls”?

Ah-may-zing!! It was one of my first acting gigs and I was SO nervous and excited.

3: You have appeared on three of the biggest medical dramas in the history of television (with the exception of certain soaps).What was it like working on “House”, “ER”, and of course “Grey’s”?

I really loved my role on House. I worked so hard on that episode. I finally felt like I got a chance to be an important part of a story-line. And working with Hugh Laurie was like a dream.  He is such a delightful actor.

ER was a whole lotta laughs.  John Leguizamo rocks and Ellen Degeneres was shooting her show on set that day.  Fun, fun, fun!

Grey's was the first time that I was offered a role.  After paying my dues for so long it felt AWESOME! Playing mega-pregnant was kinda cool too!!

4: You had a reoccurring role on the recently ended “Friday Night Lights”, what was that experience like for you?

My role as Waverly Grady was an actor's dream. I still pinch myself, I can't believe I got the opportunity to play an original character with such a challenging complexity. Gaius Charles was a hard-working, creative force to work with.  It was such a privilege to work with amazing writers and directors like Stephen Kay and Jeffrey Reiner. I fell in love with Austin, Texas too!!

5: If you could choose a current television series to guest star in, what would it be and why?

Ooooh that's a hard one I have so many favorites!!    Television is amazing these days. Hmmmmm!? I would have to say 'Shamless' on Showtime because I really enjoy working on projects with believable story-lines that aren't afraid to take exciting risks.

6:What was it like on the set of “Boston Public”?

Wow! I was there for like a blip. Mostly I remember a lot of energy and being very excited to meet Michael Rapport because I've always really enjoyed his work.

7: if you could work with any actress or actor you have never worked with before, who and why?

Meryl Streep or Sean Penn I really want to see how they work. So I can steal, I mean, learn from them :)

8: Are there any social networking sites you belong to?

I'm really enjoying my time on Twitter (@aashadavis).  It's my very FIRST social networking site. I originally joined because I had to have an addy to get into this media party. I didn't think I would like it because I've always been a very private person but I'm so happy to promote the release of 'Pariah' this winter and I love interacting with all the interesting people.

I'm also on Google plus (+Aasha Davis) but I'm starting to think I'm the only one :(

9: If you could work with anyone you have previously worked with again, who and why?

Gabrielle Christian because she's such a great friend and it would be awesome to spend more time with her while we nurture our crafts.

10: Favorite show that's currently on air?

Uhhhh, just one!? Ummm...
'Breaking Bad'! No 'Modern Family'!! No actually 'Breaking Bad'! I don't know!!

11: What show do you wish would be put back on air? (Whether it is one either of you have worked on or not)

'Entourage'...I'm gonna miss Kevin Dillon's character, Drama so much!!

12: Question 12 was tossed, due to coming from the fake Austen Parros.

13: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

"Just keep doing good work and people will notice." (so, I keep trying my best)

14: Are there any projects that you’re currently working on and can discuss?

I just wrapped on an episode of 'Castle' on ABC. Really lovely cast and crew. I had such a blast!!

15: Let’s talk “Pariah”, by the way the trailer is fantastic – can’t wait to see the full film!

Oh Yaay!! I'm so glad you liked the trailer!! What are you doing Christmas day?!

Pariah is my first movie.  I'm so proud of this story because I believe anyone can relate to wanting to find their individual place in this label-driven world. But most of all because it's a movie that I believe is gonna take you through a full spectrum of emotions. I really love that!!

16: Added: You’re going to be playing poker for a charitable cause with a couple of former cast mates in Vegas on Sept. 17, can you tell us a bit about that?

I'm so excited!! Aasha in Vegas is like, a kid in grass!! I love it there! Plus!  My friends and I used to play Texas Hold 'Em every Friday so, I really miss the game. I'm a lil' rusty but am so honored to play for AND I get to hang with Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan in Vegas!!  Whoo! Hooo!

17: Added: What went through your head when you found out was fake? As many of the fans are fooled by posers a lot, what is it like when a friend/ former co-star is fooled?

I wish there were a way to have prevented it. I shared some pretty personal information with (?) !!  :(

18: If you weren't an actress, you’d be a(n) _________ and why?

A TV executive, I love the entertainment business.

19: Raising the Bar, The Shield, or Las Vegas – which series was more fun working on, which was more serious, and which did you enjoy the most?

'Las Vegas' was the most fun (see question #16 lol!).

'The Shield' was the most serious. I felt very proud to be a part of that amazing series.

I really enjoyed 'Raising the Bar' because I got to work with my 'House' director again, Martha Mitchell. She's wonderful!!

20: Any final words for your fans?

I appreciate you all so much. You're such an integral part of what I do. My hope is that my characters, whether sweet or rotten, effect your life in a positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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